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Massages and body treatments – Hotel Dwór Karolówka

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– regeneration massage for the entire body. This massage is perfect for busy people, living in a hurry, exposed to constant stress and environmental pollution. It takes care of these parts of body which are frequently tense and painful: the back, neck, hands, hips and feet. The purifying effect is intensified by an oil massage using an Shea butter.


– a massage for those who long for peace of mind and relaxation. The massage lasting 45 minutes uses special techniques to take care of your back: the spine, arms, buttocks, feet and soles. This massage makes you joyful, soothes and relaxes the whole body, firms the muscles and makes you fill fit. It is recommended just before bedtime.


– it is a whole body relaxation massage using the essential oil with your favourite fragrance. “Orange and cinnamon” – restores balance to oily or dry skin and has wonderful relaxing properties.”Lavender” has a calming effect, soothes headaches and muscle cramps, helps to heal wounds and injuries. “Honey” contains many vitamins and minerals. It has a relaxing effect upon your senses. It is recommended for dry and sensitive skin.”Aloe” – Aloe Vera is absorbed by your skin four times faster than water. Aloe is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. This oil is also has antiseptic and regenerating effect, contains fungicides and has healing properties. It is recommended for skin with problems. “Lemon grass and marigold” is both refreshing and relaxing. It is recommended for very sensitive skin.


– is a cosmetic massage of a specific part of the body aimed at modeling the silhouette. It uses carefully chosen cosmetic products such as caffeine and cinnamon gel, or pepper extract which stimulate fat burning. Strongly hydrating chocolate cream firms and nourishes the skin and is indispensable in the fight against the cellulite. Also, the massage with the use of Chinese bubble is very beneficial for the body, it can be applied to thighs, buttocks or abdomen.

Face massageHOT STONE – is a massage with hot stones. It has been known and used for centuries. It calms you down, relaxes the muscles and restores the psychophysical balance. But above all, it provides you with energy and reduces stress levels. The massage improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the internal organs. It makes endocrine glands secrete endorphins more intensely and the immune system begins to work more efficiently.


– this massage cambines thermal therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy and a relaxing massage. The body becomes relaxed, strengthened and harmonized, and the skin takes on healthy color and vitality, becomes nourished and elasticized (anti-cellulite effect).

Energy Stamps

– contain ginger, cloves, cinnamon, red pepper and guarana.

Coffee and cinnamon stamps – contain caffeine and cinnamon.

Refreshing and cooling stamps – contain mint, lemongrass and grapefruit.


Massage hot stone
CLASSICAL MASSAGE – this therapeutic massage is recommended for people suffering from back pain caused by long-term back strains (e.g. sitting work).

SPORTS MASSAGE – releases the symptoms of soreness after an active day in the mountains, it warms up or relaxes over-strained joints and muscles, it stimulates blood circulation, restores the mobility of joints.

MASSAGE FOR PREGNANT WOMAN – it reduces lumbar pain and the feeling of “heavy legs”. It brings comfort and relaxation for the body and the senses.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE FOR LEGS – it eliminates swelling in the legs and accelerates blood circulation. It has anti-cellulite effects.

Anti-cellulite TREATMENT WITH DERMOMASSAGE very intense massage using vacuum generator. The treatment brings visible effects of the liquidation of cellulite and fat. Restores firmness of the body.
Foot reflexology according to “Detoxification Theory” – is a foot massage with special emphasis on the “reflexogenic” sites. By stimulating the specific receptors, it stimulates the body to achieve self-purification. The oils used massage have a refreshing effect and result in the feeling of lightness and bliss.

Cosmetic treatments for the body

CAVIAR – exclusive rejuvenating treatment for slimming and modeling the silhouette. Activating genes of youth. Regenerates and brightens the skin. Stages of treatment:
Peeling with Marine Salt Peeling
Application of serum Caviar Body Elixir
Massage with cream Caviar Body Mousse.
CITRUS – Intensive moisturizing, stimulating treatment for demanding skin. The effects of the treatment is to improve the elasticity of skin and skin smoothing. Skin regains its youthful appearance. Stages of treatment:
Peeling with Marine Salt Peeling or brown sugar
Intensive massage with Moroccan argan oil and orange extract.
SHEA BUTTER – Relaxing body massage using extraordinary regenerating and rejuvenating properties of Shea butter. It contains vitamins, antioxidants and phytosterols. Very good results are obtained even for skin prone to irritation and allergy. Stages of treatment:
Peeling with brown sugar
Relaxing body massage with Shea butter
BODY SCRUB – The procedure for cleaning, removing dead layers of skin and acne. The treatment results in illumination and rejuvenation of the skin. Kind of peeling is chosen depending on the skin type.

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